Super Song Sandy ft Bliss

by Dell Wells

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Apocalyptic visions of a future world past. Embrace the flow and hold on for dear MICS! Featuring the Goddess on verbal assault!


Super Song Sandy
Written By: Dell & Bliss
Produced By: Craig Levy
From the album:Abandonment Issues

If It can it will
Candle lit cries
Make me think it's counterfeit
Pack of lies.
Redwoods reside
on silent hill
Lighting illuminates the sky
Fear the ripple in the tide.
Redundant run of the mill
Recycled rubbish
Beware the storm cometh
Black birds flying backwards
Another sign of the proverbs
Post apocalypse a just your posture
Find strength in these sentences
The worlds changed into a monster
spit lava
Mics require a thermometer
Over yonder enhale
The handiwork of a Gardner
With only words to barter
Bombard the affected on the radar
Sing me a song lark
For the dying of the light
Bravely greeting the dark
Im a patriot
Putting in work for that pay dirt
To save a plagued earth
Requires a rebirth of brain particles
Fear no man or Martian
When the milita Starts marching
Rough side of the mountain
Knocking down monuments
No homage paid
Shallow be thy graves
Crippling the innocence.
theres a madhatter in the sky
a black pattern passes me by
close my eyes
collide escape
the nape of my neck
blessed by the hand shake
the mans place
plants the face
nearby in the room
fear flies to the womb
your lies still in bloom
plumes expose
the dooms in flows
your truth implodes
my youth it glows
so fruitfull
whos to know
whos to say
i stab the gray
so if it leads
it bleeds for seven days
any trace
of your devils hate
gets chased by the lace
of the goddess grace
the odd embrace
gets misplaced
just in case
i dont like the taste
lets make haste
never to waste
the nectar of the gods
the knowledge body
consciousness so raw
make an onion awe
Here's comes the inferno
Flames from your earlobes
Drench those in fear
Scarecrows haunt the crossroads
Broken collarbones
Drape the mic over my shoulder
Carry the load
Of the dying solider
Defang a Cobra
Drink its venom like mimosas
mystical mojo
Tossing the flow like tornados
As above so below
Emcees are prone to injury
eager to be bulletproof
Crimson leaks through The artificial
Onto articles that mislead you
art of the arsenal
I will defeat you
stampede of sabertooths
Forsaken beruit
Allow the slain to salute
There's a storm in route
To knock me off my transitional morph
Morgue visits victims of the super song
From the ashes born a word strategist
All that's left is a man and his language.


released May 14, 2015
Super Song Sandy
Written By: Dell & Bliss
Produced By: Craig Levy
From the album: Abandonment Issues



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Dell Wells Brooklyn, New York

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